Shinko 130/90 - 6 ― Timsun

Shinko 130/90 - 6

3 Wheels Tyre | 130/90 - 6

160 ლარი
საწყობშია: 100


ხმები: 1

პროდუქტის აღწერილობა

Tube Tire
  • Bias
  • for Rear
  • It is possible to use on the public road.
  • Tire Small Classification: On-road Scotter/Mini Bike
  • Size: 5.4-6 (130/90-6 Equivalent)
  • Tire Width (Inches): 5.4
  • Rim Diameter (Inch): 6
*Please use the tire compatible model on the publication as a reference. Actual mounting size may be different.

Even if the model name, displacement and year are the same, depending on the type of vehicle, the size may vary depending on the minor change, the special specification vehicle and the custom situation. Be sure to confirm the tube, size, speed symbol, load index, tire type etc. of the tire that is actually mounted, and please select the size and design at your own risk.

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